Leadership and Training for the Fight
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A frank and compelling discussion of successful leadership both on and off the battlefield, Leadership and Training for the Fight synthesizes practical skills with the combat mindset and mental discipline necessary to lead.

In Part 1 of this book, Howe brings readers his eyewitness account of several mission successes and failures- not just what went right or wrong, but why- and how leaders in the military, business world, and law enforcement can learn from past mistakes to make better decisions in the future. Howe also offers practical tips and techniques for tactical combat training. Drawing on more than a decade of personal experience as a high risk training instrutor for law enforcement and government security, Howe concisely disects pivotal topics such as Boyd's Loop, team selection, course development,shooting standards, business development, and so much more.


Written by MSG Paul Howe US Army, Retired

Leadership and Training for the Fight

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