RKK Holster IWB
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RKK Holsters are available in G43, G19, G17 (G42 and G26 coming soon)...these will also fit the new Gen 5 Glocks


XTall sweat guard, high cut for better gripping

ModWing with 2 posts to adjust the roll  of the grip to body for concealability

1.5 or 1.75 FOMI belt clip with adjustable cant..G43 can also be had with the UltiClip (beltless carry)

Tall sight channel for suppressor sights

Adjustable retention

Comes with VC3 Vibra-Tite for securing fasteners after retention and cant are adjusted by end user

If you don't see the option you want add a note in with your order or e-mail me at csattss@hotmail.com to confirm your selection.

shipping times varry depending on customizations. 

RKK Holster IWB

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