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Phlster P365XL Enigma Express

Product Code : 860006365240


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What is the Enigma?

The Enigma is an advanced system for carrying a concealed firearm in clothing which doesn’t support a traditional gun belt, with no visible clips or attachments outside the clothes. 

Developed based on decades of experience in civilian and professional contexts, the Enigma is designed to provide the most concealment possible, while withstanding extreme hard use. 

We use a strong, light-weight, thin, and flexible material called Tegris to support the holster and help press it into the body, creating low profile and effective concealment. The Tegris faceplate is stiff where it needs to be, flexible in others, and is curved to provide the perfect balance of applying concealment pressure, conforming to the holster, and stabilizing the gun.

The leg leash helps keep the system in place during intense or extreme activity. Drawing from a compromised position, during a grapple, on your back, or if you’re wearing athletic or shape wear under your clothes, the leash anchors the holster in place and keeps everything from moving or sliding when you draw the gun. 

Both the leash and the belt buckle are easy to operate one-handed, while gearing up or down. 

More than just wearing a belt under your clothing, the Enigma is optimized in every way for zero profile carry. By using advanced materials to build in security, active concealment mechanics, stability, and eliminating the need for conventional belt loops or clips, the Enigma means you and your gun can get dressed, together, instead of dressing around the gun. 

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